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Pfc. Jeremiah Stoppel is a fuel truck driver with Alpha Co. 703rd Battalion. His supply convoy lost vehicles to enemy fire as it followed the 3-7th into battle. A Lutheran, he is from Lincoln, Neb. He stands near the cab of his truck, rubs his coarsely sheared hair and looks down as he speaks.

"I was very unclear on whether this war was necessary, and how it would square with my faith.

"During the thickest part of the fighting the other day, I was regretting my decision to join the Army. Saddam’s radio station was broadcasting that we were going to commit genocide, and here we were killing all these people. But then it started raining, just a few drops. I felt like the Holy Spirit was touching me and letting me know it was all right."

SOURCE: from the March 31, 2003 edition.

"Faith and family: sustenance in combat.

’Daddy, Scooby-Doo is not a good name for a Bradley.’"

By Ann Scott Tyson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor.

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