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In a cramped space around a Kiev sewer, 15 children ragged and stinky have spent the night crowded together for warmth. They rouse now only because they have a chance to eat. They are rejected and hungry, but not without hope. Two American women, Jane Hyatt and Barbara Laiber, kindly called the “aunties” have come with milk and bread for the hiding children.

These ladies are joined in a mission to reach out to children who live in the streets because of poverty, alcoholism or violence in their families. There are almost 100,000 of them in Kiev alone. These Ukrainian orphans muddle along by begging or stealing. Sometimes they work as porters or prostitutes. But they are not without hope—not without a chance for the future, because Auntie Jane and Auntie Barbara have chosen to practice

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father: to visit ...

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