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Scholars from the Institute for American Values conducted a

survey, "Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Looking for Mr. Right,"

that asked 1,000 college women about courtship in the new

millennium. The survey found that courtship—dating a male with

the hopes of finding a lifelong mate—has been replaced by

"hooking up." Hooking up with a male partner usually is fueled

by alcohol and entails engaging in sexual activity. Forty

percent of the women surveyed admitted to hooking up with men,

and one in ten disclosed they’d done so at least six times.

Elizabeth Marquardt, co-author of the report, says, "[The

women] wish they could really get to know a guy without

necessarily having a sexual relationship." This survey was

conducted after the National Marriage Project at Rutgers

University released a report in 1999 that concluded that

Americans are marrying far less, and those who do marry are

less happy.

SOURCE: "Lack of Courtship Rules Leaves College Women in a Muddle," Washington Post (7-30-01); submitted by Melissa Parks, Des Plaines, Illinois.

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