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Supplies Needed: One large pumpkin with the facial features cut out. When you cut out the features save them because you will need them during this object lesson. You will also need to save some of the slime and seeds from the inside. You will also need a candle.

Lesson: Could I have my volunteer come up here? [Have the volunteer put their hand into the bowl filled with seeds and pulp.] How does that feel? What words would you use to describe it? Do you think that’s like you? It says in the Bible that we are all sinners and that sound pretty bad to me. This pumpkin does have bad stuff inside. The pumpkin is like us in that we can’t get the bad stuff out- someone has to come along and do it for us. I can’t get rid of my sins on my own, but God has told us in His work that if we will confess our sins to Him, He will take them away and make us clean. When we ask Jesus to come into lives and take our sins away he does it and in the Bible it says that Jesus is the Light of the world so when He comes to live in our lives- light comes into our lives. [Now light the candle.]

3. I want to tell you about a little boy named Albert. Albert went to church one day and someone told him about the Lord Jesus wanting to come into his life and take away his sins. Albert thought that was a great thing so he asked Jesus to do it. He wanted to share this good news with others so he wanted them to see Jesus in how he acted and what he did. Some days were hard like the day that his mother tried to hurry him up to get to school on time and he yelled and “back-talked” his mother. He sinned. [Fill in one of the eyes.] On the bus his friend had saved a seat for him but he just glared at him and sat somewhere else. His friend looked hurt. Albert sinned. [Fill in the other eye.] At school they had a spelling test and Albert couldn’t remember what the last word was so he looked on a friend’s paper. Albert sinned. [Fill in the nose.] After school he went outside to play and he hit his little brother. Albert sinned again. [Put one part of the mouth in.] His mother called him in and asked him what happened and he said that he didn’t know. She looked at him and asked him if he had hit his little brother and Albert said no. Albert lied and that is a sin. [Fill in another part of the mouth.] Later his mother asked him to come and set the table, but Albert pretended that he hadn’t heard her and she had to call him 3 times before he finally went. Albert sinned. [Fill in the last part of the mouth.] When Albert sinned did Jesus leave? [Look inside the pumpkin. The light should still be burning. You need to keep the lid of the pumpkin off a little bit or the candle will burn out.] No. Jesus will never leave us but the people around Albert can’t see Jesus because Albert has been doing so many wrong things. Albert needs to ask Jesus to forgive him for the sins he has committed that day and then go to each one of those people and ask their forgiveness. [Take the people back through the sins of Albert and talk about how he asked for forgiveness. As you do this, take the pieces back out so that you can once again see the light burning.]

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