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AGAIN – so much of what Jesus teaches is just nuts according to the world… he taught THAT…

• The way up is down

• The way in is out

• The way first is last

• The way of success is service

• The way of attainment is relinquishment

• The way of strength is weakness

• The way of security is vulnerability

• The way of protection is forgiveness (even to 7 x 70)

• The way of life is death – death to self, society, family

• Know your strengths. Why? Because that’s the only way that you can lay them down.

• God’s power is made perfect…where? In our weakness.

• Want to get the most? Go to where the least is.

• Want to be free? Give complete control to God.

• Want to become great? Become least.

• Want to find yourself? Forget yourself.

• Want honor? Honor yourself with humility

• Want to ‘get even’ with your enemies? Bless, love and pray for them

Nietzsche was right. To a people clawing there way to reach the top of the their dung heap, this is nuts. The gospel presents crazy ways of thinking about power, crazy definitions of success, crazy ideas and images about the meaning and purpose of life, crazy story-lines that no author would plot

(Leonard Sweet, Jesus Drives Me Crazy)

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