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In the movie, The Secret Garden, the young boy Colin thinks he’s an invalid. He can’t bear the strong light of day, the clean open air. He believes those things will infect his lungs and snatch his life. he believes he’s destined to be everlastingly bedridden or, in the few struggling moments he spends out of bed, bound lifelong to a wheel chair. He believes that because he’s been told that. He lives a long time this way, kept in that by a conspiracy of adults.

But then his orphaned cousin, Mary comes along and sees through he conspiracy. In what looks like sheer defiance and hard malice she tears the shutters and blinds off Colin’s windows. Bright sunlight pours in through the scrim of dust. Colin shrieks. She throws open the windows and cool, fresh air swirls through the room. Colin howls. She shoos Colin out of the bed. Colin yells. She forces him, sullen and whining, into the outdoors. She scolds and coaxes him from his wheel chair he stands, filled with self-lament.

But he’s standing. He takes one lurching step, then another. Soon Colin walks. Then runs. Then skips. Then dances.

Mary seemed so calloused at first. Bt she is the one who cares most deeply for him. She cares to woo Colin into the secret garden; she loves him enough to bring him to wholeness. You see, she knew all along that his bones were sturdy, his lungs deep, his muscles strong. She knew along he was made for life to the full…

LISTEN – that’s the picture of the life that Christ calls us into… he knows how we were made to live – he wants to see us run/skip/dance

NOW – there is one who wants you to stay in the bed – to live in borderland…

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