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AS WE CONCLUDE – today I want you to imagine that your life is over… and you are led to a room.. there are 2 chairs in the room, one is for you and one for God and there is a DVD player. God pops in the DVD. It has your name on it – it says “Steve Malone – What Might have Been”

IMAGINE – watching all that God wanted to do in and through your life – if you would have let Him – if you would have gotten out of the chair..

IMAGINE – seeing all the lives you could have touched…

IMAGINE – seeing what God could have done with your financial resources if you had trusted him and gave generously of your first fruits…

IMAGINE - - what he might have done in your relationships if you trusted him enough to be fully truthful and fully loving.

IMAGINE – what he might have done with your character, if you had dared to confess sin, acknowledged temptation and pursue growth…

Life, what you do with your matters…

AND LISTEN – HERE is some good news…..that DVD of your life and mine is not complete yet…

There is still time for you to get out of the chair

There is still time for you to live our dash well…

AND – this is what our new message series is about… IF – you lived out what we will learn in the next 9 weeks….

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