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Clark Pinnock (Flame of Love, chapter 5) “salvation is union, conversion is awakening to love… Love woos – it does not compel. Conversion is not coerced. God convicts and moves us towards intimacy. His Word is powerful, but there must be a response to it. God does not overpower but saves those who yield to his persuasion. God lays hold, but sinners must consent to be laid hold of. They must let God renew them…

We are not in a position to give God much that he needs. But there is one thing he wants from us that nobody else can give. And if we do not give it, he will not receive it. I refer to our personal love. God can have our love only if we decide to give it. God made us to love him, and the key issue is what we decide to do with that freedom. God empowers, but does not overpower. Grace works mightily but does not override. God is a loving parent, not a tyrant.”

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