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Steven Simala Grant tells this story:

I remember Christmas, 1980, when I was 9. My mom, who was a secretary in a small 3-person company, got a Christmas bonus – a trip for her and my brother and me to Disneyland. Plane and hotel, all covered – and even some cash. Her boss was not a Christian, but wow did they have a spirit of generosity.

We got off the plane in Los Angeles, and immediately felt scared, overwhelmed, and more than a little lost. A single mom on her first trip outside Canada, second time on a plane, a 9yr old and a 12yr old… And there, right where we came through customs, was a man holding a sign that said, “Grants.” My mom joked as she walked past him, “That’s my name but I’m sure you aren’t looking for a mom and two kids.” “Wendy?” He asked. “Yup, it’s you I’m looking for. I’m here to guide you through the airport, help you find your motel, and make sure you have everything you need.”

Three Canadians feeling lost and overwhelmed in the middle of the LA airport, until the guide steps forward and says, “follow me. I’ll lead you.” He took us to find our luggage, then to the bus that would take us to Anaheim, and told us exactly where to get off.

In the same way, the Holy Spirit is our guide into all truth.

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