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The style of Indiana Jones in discovering "Biblical treasures"!!!

Yes, Indiana Jones stories are juicy and spicy, for they stoke the fires of inherent sense of discovery in all of us. Add to that breathtaking stunts and adventure, you have a heady mix guaranteed to give one some goose bumps. Trust that ace archeologist to always “dig up” some rare, priceless treasure outwitting and even outmuscling “formidable competition” in search of the same. Now what does this “super hero” usually aspire to lay his hands on, going the whole hog, so to speak? Nine times out of ten, it would be a Biblical treasure like the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail. Stepping into the shoes of this great treasure hunter, what would ordinary folks not do to get close to these invaluable items of indescribable spiritual and historical import? However by strange contrast, while the Biblical Holy items seem to evoke unrivaled interest in the public sadly the Original Bible or the God of the Bible do not seem to be generating same kind of interest in the hearts and minds of the common folk?

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