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At the outset, I desire to bring to the fore, a ‘juicy’ tale adorning Science history. When, the invention-coal miner’s lamp- of Sir Humphrey Davy began to pale relatively before the astounding discoveries of his far more illustrious pupil Michael Faraday (in the field of electro-magnetism and electro-chemistry), he was prodded by the prying media of his day ‘on how he felt on seeing his discovery being overshadowed by those of his own famous student’. To this he is said to have come –up with an apt, witty reply ‘Gentlemen, you are forgetting that my greatest discovery is not the coal miner’s lamp but Michael Faraday, himself’. Oh, how weak is human memory! Oh, how soon, lives of men who have inspired other men to ‘great works’ are soon reduced to mere footnotes in the history books! Thankfully, it doesn’t happen in the spiritual realm, for here the fair and a just God who is in charge has affirmed that

“…those who seem least important now will be the greatest then.”- Mark 10:31

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