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Barna research shows:

That divorce in the church is just as commonas outside the church. In the church 33%, outside the church 34%.

Also, the south is second in the nation in divorce. The south has a divorce rate of 35%, just behind the west (38%), and leading the Midwest (32%) and Northeast (28%).

Another striking percentage for us as Baptists is that we lead the nation’s major denominations in divorce rates at 29%. Protestant churches overall is at 25%.

The divorce rate amongst the generations is also a bit of surprise:

Seniors (73+) = 18%

Builders (53-72) = 37%

Boomers = 34%

Busters = 7% (Most of these are not old enough to

marry yet).

What does this say about marriage in America? Is it old fashioned. One scholar said that long term marriage commitment isn’t good for modern day America. An author suggested that our first marriage should be a starter marriage in the same since that our first homes are starter homes.

I disagree. God disagrees. Marriage, in the context of the Bible’s design for it, is still not only good for America, but necessary!

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