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Text Illustrations
" A little boy had a terminal illness. He knew he was dying even though his parents hadn’t told him, so one day he asked his mother,"Mom what’s it like to die? Will it hurt?

The mother thought for a moment as she searched for an answer to the question then said, "Charlie", do you remember when you used to play with your friends all day? You’d be so tired that when we’d sit around and watch TV afterwards, you’d fall asleep in the chair with your clothes on. Well, that wasn’t where you belonged, but in the morning, you always woke up where you did belong--in your own bed. Your Dad carried you up the stairs, into your room, and tucked you into your own bed where you belonged."

"Charlie," she continued, "I think that’s what death is like. It’s like waking up some morning and finding ourselves in another room, in the place where we belong. safe in the strong loving arms of Jesus."

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