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In the highly rated Smallville, the WB’s story of Superboy, Clark Kent is just learning about his super powers. It is a perplexing and frustrating time for him. His powers really come to light when he is accidently run down by Lex Luthor and yet is unhurt. Not only is he spared any pain but is able to save Lex’s life even though he was run over at 60mph! Lex, who is very wealthy, gives Clark a new truck out of gratitude, but Clark’s father is not grateful. And we learn that there is something that Clark actually wants more than any truck.

{Video Clip - Smallville - Season 1 - Episode 1 (Pilot)- Start: 3:23:34 - End:3:26:12 - 2:45}

(Smallville DVD released by Warner Brothers one of the approved CVLI Producers.)

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