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Really listen to your child. This is so important. I remember one time when Zach was about five, and he came up to me while I was reading and said, "Daddy?" I said, "What?" He said, "Daddy?" I said, "What?" He said again, "Daddy?" Finally I put down my book in exasperation and said, "What, Zach? I don't have to be looking at you to hear you!"

Oh yes I did! I wasn't giving him my full attention; I wasn't really listening. So parents, don't make my mistake. When this precious one talks, put down the newspaper, we turn off the radio in the car, mute the TV. Look into their eyes and listen attentively to what they're saying. When we do that we are attaching high value to our children by telling them, "You're important to me - more important than the news, more important than the ball game."

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