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How Big is 200 Million? BIG.

Here’s a visual for everyone. If an army had 1 Million soldiers lined within a mile of each other, it would be the biggest conglomeration in history. Now imagine that it takes about 200 miles to get from St. Louis to Kansas City. This force is going to be so big that their movement will fill up about every inch of every mile from here to St. Louis.

If the force was placed closer together, like on an open 4 or 6 lane highway, it would stretch from St. Louis all the way to Denver, Colorado. That is the force coming.

The death toll of this force says that it is going to kill a 1/3rd of mankind. Since 1/4th of mankind has already been killed after the opening of Seal #4, this means that the Earth’s population has already been reduced by one half. This means that in a 4 year time period or so, 6 Billion people have been reduced down to 3 Billion. Comparing 3 Billion dead people to the 60 Million dead people of World War II for the same 4 year time period would be like comparing apples and oranges. The world has never seen nor could ever imagine that kind of carnage and lost of human life.

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