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Famous False Prophet A: Jim Jones

Religious leader from CA that took his "People’s Temple" to South America in a country called Guyana. After an investigation was going to find him guilty of murder among other things, he convinced his 900 plus followers (including 150 children) to drink some cyanide-laced kool-aid in a mass suicide.

Famous False Prophet B: Marshall Applewhite

Heaven’s Gate cult leader that convinced 38 people to commit suicide by eating poisoned pudding. His group felt that they had to commit suicide in order to evacuate from earth to transform their bodies, it was the only way to jump on Haley’s Comet and end up in outer space (Applewhite told followers he was Jesus).

Famous False Prophet C: David Koresh

Another person claiming to be Jesus, Koresh’s cult The Branch Davidians moved into a military compound in Waco Texas. Prior to the government’s attack & their eventual destruction, he became the polygamous husband to all the females (he told people that he was Christ, the pale rider of the 4th seal).

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