Text Illustrations
“The college professor was furious when nine students failed to show up for the evening class. Not until 7 p.m. did the first student straggle in.

"I’m sorry, sir," the student explained, "but I had a date and lost track of time, and I missed the bus back. Being determined to get in on time, I hired a cab. Halfway here, the cab broke down. I went to a farmhouse and persuaded the farmer to sell me a horse. I was riding to camp when the animal fell over dead. I walked the last ten miles, and just got here."

Though skeptical, the Professor let the student off with a reprimand. However, after him, seven other stragglers in a row came in with the same story-had a date, missed the bus, hired a cab, bought a horse, etc. By the time the ninth student reported in, the professor had grown weary of it. "Okay," he growled, "now what happened to you?" "Sir, I had this date and missed the bus back, so I hired a cab."

"Wait!" the professor screeched at him. "don’t tell me the cab broke down."

"No, sir," replied the student. "The cab didn’t break down. It was just that there were so many dead horses in the road, we had trouble getting through." Excuses! (Contributed by John F. King )

Sometimes our excuses hold us back from accomplishing anything for God.