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Text Illustrations
ILLUSTRATION... “How to Smell Like God” by Steven James. Cincinnati: Standard, 2002. Pgs 4-5.

In his book for teens, “How to smell like God,” Steven James says, “When I first met Tanya, I knew she was different. Part of it was the way she acted. The way she smiled. The way she looked at you. She wasn’t like most 17 year-old girls you meet. How can I say this... she smelled different than other people. Not physically, it was more like the aroma of her whole life. Then when I met Seth, I smelled the same thing. And Josh and Brook and Chris all smelled that way too. What is that smell? Over the years, I’ve met hundreds of teenagers who all smell the same. Then one day when I was reading 2 Corinthians 2:14-16, I realized what they smell like. Those students smelled like God. The fragrance of their lives was different from the stench of the world. You could tell when you were with them. Their attitudes and priorities and lifestyles were different. They smelled like they didn’t belong on this planet, like they were made for a better place. It was the fragrance of Heaven. Strong. Powerful. Life-changing."

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