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The one thing that has always impressed me about beggars is that they know how to make money. I don’t mean that to be insulting I really don’t it is impressive. I remember a few years ago I was in my office working and this car pulled up. A couple came in and asked if we could help them out with some food and money. When I looked outside I noticed their car. It was a brand new fresh off the lot Lexus. It had tinted windows, leather seats, chrome hub caps, a sun roof, and every other feature you could imagine. This car was top of the line. So I just looked at these people thinking: you drive a car that is worth more than all the cars, and the yearly salaries of our entire staff put together and you are really asking for food? Do you know how much the average person with a "will work for food" sign makes? $75 an hour.

Beggars can be interesting to talk to. I worked in a homeless ministry for about four years in high school and met a lot of interesting people. There are some incredible people with some incredible stories who live on the streets. I met one guy I can’t remember his name I think it was Sammy. Sammy had a pretty severe limp in his left leg and a whole lot of attitude to go along with it. Of all the sermons I have heard in my life I have never met anyone who could tell a story like Sammy. Of course it was hard to understand him most of the time because he was drunk every time I saw him. The incredible thing was what happened when we talked with them. When I started out I hung out with the other volunteers and rarely talked with the homeless people because they were awkward and creeped me out. I had this prejudice against them. One night I finally tried talking with one of these hurting people and they just gave me a hug. I learned something later that really broke my heart. In an entire week we were often the only human contact they had. Most people wouldn’t talk to them. They just passed by occasionally tossing money at them as they went. Not many people really cared enough to learn their names. I would watch as their entire demeanor would change when someone just talked to them.

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