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In a Charles Schulz Peanuts comic strip Charlie Brown was playing catch with Lucy to prepare their old hapless losing team for the new baseball season. Charlie Brown proceeded to throw a high ball across the field to her. Lucy was ready for the ball to fly into her mitt. She lifted her head up to the sky, her hands were ready to field the ball, but not only did she not catch the ball, it hit her on the head instead. The she suffered the indignity of Charlie Brown yelling at her: "Lucy, you¡¦re the worst player in the history of the game!"

Of course, Lucy would not accept that from Charlie Brown, or anyone else for that matter. She shouted defiantly to Charlie Brown across the filed: "You can’t prove that! You should never say things that you can’t prove!"

That did not stop Charlie Brown from barking at her. Charlie Brown corrected himself and hollered back: "In all probability, you are the worst player in the history of the game!" Finally, Lucy whispered quietly and meekly, but triumphantly: "I can accept that."

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