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What bricks and mortar are to a building, a marriage is to a community in which it lives and loves. There can be no doubt that a community will crumble and collapse if marriage is allowed to crumble and collapse. And history is strewn with example after example of this.

The Roman empire is just one. Did you know that for five hundred years in Roman history there was not one recorded divorce. Then Rome made a terrible mistake, it conquered Greece, then Greece conquered Rome. You see, it was not uncommon for Greeks to have many mistresses and wives; Cisero did, Aristotle did. And the Greeks could divorce their wives simply by telling them to “get lost” in the presence of two witnesses. Soon after Rome conquered Greece the first divorce was recorded in Rome. Soon divorce became common practice and history has proven that an empire, such as Rome, whose families are divided, cannot stand itself - because it cannot stand itself.

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