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I heard a pastor tell about a company in the NW that had a need come to them. The Need was for a bear proof trash can. All trash cans were being destroyed by grizzlies. Three companies took on the challenge and each developed a product for testing. They took the three products out into grizzly country, filled them up with food. The First two were destroyed with no problem and then the grizzlies went on to the third. They clawed, they bit, they growled but couldn’t get in to the food. Eventually they gave up and it passed the test. Now they have on the market a bear proof trash can. Why? Because it was tested. Test always prepare us for what is to come.

Do you remember the story of David/Goliath?David walks out onto the battlefield and says, I can take him. Saul said, "no way your just a boy." David said, "Saul I was guarding my Father's sheep and a ilon jumped out and I trashed him and I’m lion proof." Then a Bear jumped out—and I canned him. I’m bear proof…I know can take that big behemoth. Then David ran, at him and trashed Goliath. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he could take him because he had already passed the test. Allow God’s time to process you into the person, the product that He desires you to be.

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