How to Use the New SermonFolders Feature (formerly Favorites)

Our development team recently released an exciting new feature for SermonCentral: the SermonFolders. This highly anticipated upgrade to the classic favorites type provides you with powerful opportunities to bring your entire sermon preparation process into a single location.

Follow along below for our step-by-step guide on how to use this powerful new tool.

Step 1: Log In to SermonCentral

SermonFolders require you to log in to your SermonCentral account. This allows you to save and return to items. To log in to your SermonFolder, click, MySermonFolders in the upper right hand corner menu.

Don't have an account? Create a free account here.

Step 2: Check Out Your New SermonFolders Dashboard

SermonFolders allows you to access your saved content, much in the same way Favorites worked, but with exciting new possibilities. This is your main SermonFolders Dashboard. Items you add will appear here.

Step 3: Add Content

You should see the "+ Add to SermonFolder" button on all SermonCentral pages. Click this button to add items to your SermonFolder.

When you click the button, a dialogue box will pop-up, asking which SermonFolder you'd like to save this item to. You can also add a note to help you remember this specific item.

Once you save it, you will see a green confirmation bar at the top of your screen.

Step 4: Organize SermonFolders

When you return to your SermonFolders Dashboard, you will see the items you have added, with most-recent featured first. You can change the display style by selecting the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner.

Here, you can see I have selected the Flow View.

Step 5: Create New SermonFolders (PRO Members Only)

Your first folder comes included with your free SermonCentral account. SermonCentral PRO members can add additional folders.

When you go to save a new item, select "Add New..." from the dropdown menu.

This will open a new dialogue box that will allow you to name your new SermonFolder. I have named mine based on the specific Service for which I am preparing.

Now, on your SermonFolder Dashboard, you can move between your various folders. I personally recommend a new one for each sermon.

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