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preaching article If the Preacher Is Dead, the Sermon Will Be Dead

If the Preacher Is Dead, the Sermon Will Be Dead

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Jul 28, 2012

Chuck Campbell says what we do outside of preaching will impact how we preach.

Talk about it...

Parry Stelter avatar
Parry Stelter
0 days ago
I agree that not all the preaching that is going on is bad, but if a pastor is alive in his/her own walk with God and is allowing the passage of scripture to study him/her as they study the passage, it goes a long way in making up for other areas that may be lacking. I agree. A dead pastor equals a dead sermon, which equals a dead church.
Pollie Marabe avatar
Pollie Marabe
0 days ago
Live the life of a Preacher not just preaching or making comments! You may say anything about your acquired knowledge but what others see in you is the most important message they get from you! Even when you are not around you are still preaching because of your life-transforming message!
Ginette Marie Dun-Robin C avatar
Ginette Marie Dun-Robin C
0 days ago
Have a firm grasp of the word that is trustworthy (1) to teach, (2) to preach and (3) to refute (with those who contradict), all with sound doctrine! Lke it or NOT!i

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