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Jeff Vanderstelt of Soma Communities encourages leaders to gain a fresh perspective for living out the mission of the church today. 

Practical Idea: Watch this video with your outreach team and discuss what it means for your people to "be" the church in community.

Jeff Vanderstelt is a pastor at Soma Communities, an Acts 29 church in Tacoma, WA. He coaches and trains church planters, serves on the Board of Acts 29, and leads the Soma movement in vision and teaching.

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David Bush

commented on Oct 29, 2011

Great video. I'm glad this was published today or our leadership would think I watched it and then preached the last two weeks. Senior pastor of a church for just under a month and this summer God began speaking the same message to me through Ephesians 4. Though the implementation may be different for others, it seems the message is one God is sending throughout His church.

Tina Camp

commented on Oct 29, 2011

I am so thankful that I have been led of God to this video which is exactly what I have been teaching. I perceive that truly this is the will of God and I will pursue this teaching because it is confirmation that I am hearing the instruction of the Lord and I am to continue on in this great journey!! Thanks Again... I will be searching out more info on Jeff Vanderstelt and Soma Communities!! Tina

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