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Here are some things that if you preach on a regular basis, you will hear at least once in your life:

  1. I love that you preach deep.
  2. I left my last church because the preaching wasn’t deep enough.
  3. I’m so glad you preach the bible at this church.
  4. I don’t like your preaching because it is too topical.
  5. I’m leaving your church because you aren’t deep enough (maybe someone said this to you yesterday).

Deep preaching is a moving target, for the simple reason: Deep preaching takes on different meanings for different people.

Usually it is a churched person that wants deep preaching and what they often mean is, “I want preaching that makes me think.” Or, “I want preaching that fills me up.” Often, the person asking for deeper preaching is actually an immature Christian who doesn’t want to read their bible for themselves. Not always true, but I’ve found that to be common thread.

I was told by someone recently, “You preach too topically for me.”

If you’ve ever said that or thought that about a pastor, here’s something to keep in mind: every preacher preaches topical messages.

Topical preaching is simply preaching on a topic. A good preacher, looks at a text, studies it, prays over, discerns what they think the author is saying, what their church needs to hear from this text and then preaches on it. Now, some preachers will simply decide on a topic and go looking for a passage that says what they want it to say. That isn’t good preaching and that isn’t always what topical preaching is, though for the people who have a disdain for topical preaching, this is what they are talking about.

“Deep preaching”  to me is when the preacher is lazy. If a pastor isn’t careful, in an effort to be deep, his sermons will simply be an information mind dump. They stand up and preach a seminary lecture or quote a bunch of commentaries or dead guys.

That isn’t preaching.

I remember doing a preaching lab with some younger preachers and one of the preachers gave no application in his sermon. When I asked him about it he said that he wanted to preach a deep sermon and that “the Holy Spirit will apply what he just preached.” While I fully believe the Holy Spirit brings the conviction and change through a sermon, this is simply being lazy. If that is your view of preaching, why are you preaching? Why not just read a text and then sit down and “let the Holy Spirit do his work?” Or better yet, we don’t even need a preacher, just have people read a passage silently and then listen to the Holy Spirit.

That would be ludicrous.

Romans 10:14 tells us we need preaching. We need preachers who will do the hard work of studying, praying, confessing their sin and applying the text to their congregation.

Which means, you will preach on a passage and not preach everything in the passage. 

This is okay, but hard for younger preachers to handle.

You feel like you are failing or not being biblical. That isn’t the case. There are times when you get to a text and something jumps out for your church, but if you were to preach that passage in a year, you might emphasize a different part of the text. Are both right and biblical? As long as you say what the author said, yes.

It also means you edit your sermon. You spend more time on an idea than another. Every preacher does this, even though the Christians looking for “Deep preaching” don’t think it happens. If it didn’t, every pastor would simply preach on one verse every week or one word just so they preached the whole text.

Editing is one thing that separates a good sermon from a great sermon.

It is getting to what is most important in the text for your church to hear in that sermon.

We don’t need more “deep preaching” in our churches. We need more preachers who will do the hard work during the week so that when they preach, they are laser focused on the heart, so that we see the transformation we long for in our churches and in our society.

Josh Reich is the lead pastor of Revolution Church in Tucson, AZ, which is trying to live out the rhythms of Jesus. The church's dream is to "help people find their way back to God."

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Karen Davis

commented on Sep 17, 2015

I both agree and disagree. I am a mature christian who reads the bible a lot and i am hungry at times for deeper preaching. So i believe the need for deeper preaching is connected to my hunger for God and more of his word. I do agree that i can get this is my own study time with the leading of the Holy Spirit but the sheperd too needs to know when his congreganta no longer requires baby food but solid food. So its just not those who are immature in christ. I also agree that possible more hard work needs to be put into preparing the messages and that could result in it being more indepth. I am a pastor in training by the Holy Ghost so these are good points to be aware of. Thanks,

Jerry Burns

commented on Sep 17, 2015

Excellent article Josh! I am basically a preacher that preaches/teaches on everyday problems and situations that the vast majority of our congregation confronts on a daily basis. For those wanting "deeper insight" or "in-depth Bible Studies" we offer a 3 hour class on Tuesday nights that, after 2 years, leads to a Diploma from a Bible College. It is the equivalent to a one year "In-Residence" Bible College. This is working out great for us. In the last 10 years we have probably run about 60 Saints through the program. This allows us to keep most everyone happy.

Ronald Johnson

commented on Sep 17, 2015

Deep preaching takes a lot of time in preparation. In my 50 yrs of preaching as I look back I failed to much to preach to the spiritual problems people and families are having along with the "deep" preaching. We need to do both and exalt the Lord Jesus. It doesn't mean we have to negelct exposition but we do need to apply each passage to where and what our people are going through.

Scott Wakefield

commented on Sep 17, 2015

Good article. To those who feel "not fed", I often respond by asking about how they're applying the "basic" things I'm already preaching. After a few minutes of conversation, it's often clear their need isn't deeper understanding but deeper application.

Evang.roger Culwell

commented on Sep 17, 2015

well I my self will stick to saying Lord you know what they need I dont' so you give me what you want them to hear, the Holy Spirit know's what they need and we don't.

Shalom Transcription

commented on Sep 17, 2015

Excellent article!

Gerard Stauffer

commented on Sep 18, 2015

I think we should not judge people asking for "deep preaching". Sometimes, in your lifetifme, you are tired to hear your pastor about what you have to do, how you have to do it and why you have to do it. Sometimes you are tired to hear life recipes. Sometimes you are looking for a question that will bring you forward by working on it.

Florence Johnson

commented on Sep 18, 2015

Well I don't know what you all mean by deep preaching, some new buzz word I suppose, SMH! Just preach the word, preach Jesus him crucified died and was buried, rose again, salvation, applied with an application for everyday life. The majority of people in church don't study the word, all they get is what they get on Sunday Mornings, we must preach the Gospel, regardless of what people say I like what Chan said about the 7 questions I ask mysel before I preach good way to make sure we are giving the people what God would have us to give them. Good article

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