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1. I believe the potential for the local church to do good and create positive change in the world is greater than it has ever been.

2. I believe that the ROOT of the desire to do good and create positive change in the world HAS to be the GOSPEL…and if it isn’t, what will develop is cool ministry fads and ideas…but nothing revolutionary that will impact the world.

3. I believe that some of the greatest Christian leaders that the world will ever know are currently in elementary school, middle school, and high school…thus making youth and children’s ministry one of the greatest mission opportunities that the local church can invest in.

4. I believe that more and more church leaders are going to begin to take radical steps of faith rather than trying to repair broken systems.

5. I believe that more and more church leaders are going to continually put personal preferences of ministry aside and work together with other people to accomplish more ministry than they could have ever done alone.

6. I believe that we’re going to see some of the greatest moves of God this world has ever seen in the next 20 years…MOST of them happening because the local church finally decided to step up and be the church.

7. I believe God wants to use your church to do unbelievable things in the community in which HE has planted you.

8. I believe the key to a healthy church is healthy church leadership…leaders cannot fly at the speed of sound and expect to hear God’s still small voice.  The healthier we get, the healthier our churches can be.

9. I believe that if ALL leaders took the advice God gave us in Galatians 6:9 that we would see breakthroughs like we’ve NEVER seen before.

10. I believe God has called the church to CHANGE the world…not complain about it!!!  We are an empowered body of believers whom He has called to attempt the “impossible” so that people can see HIM!!!  (So…what is that thing that you know you should do next?)

Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. The church averages 26,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. Perry is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus, and each week he shares God’s word and its practical application in our daily lives. Perry, his wife Lucretia and their daughter Charisse live in Anderson, South Carolina. You can read all of Perry’s unfiltered thoughts about life and leadership at Don’t worry, he holds nothing back.

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Dr. Luke Kauffman

commented on Aug 13, 2011

I believe the chuch is to preach the Gospel in order to see changed lives, not the church alone.

John E Miller

commented on Aug 16, 2011

The church is the the dwelling of God in the Spirit as Paul teaches in Ephesians. That is an ongoing process according to ch.2, v.22. Every born-again believer is one of His household. The church is also the body of Christ here in the world although the world does not and cannot understand this. Every born-again believer is a member of His body. The Holy Spirit indwells the church and in His service serves every born-again believer as Comforter. He also empowers the teaching and ministry that points to Jesus. He gives grace and power to those who have been given gifts, in order to help them exercise these gifts. He does not speak of Himself (John 16:13). The church is divine property (Acts 20:28, Eph.5:25) because it has been purchased at infinite cost. It is being prepared for presentation to Christ and its future is in another world, not this world that is under judgement. Nowhere in scripture as far as I can see are we told that the church will change the world. It is going on to judgement, while the church is bound for glory. Those individuals to whom God has given the appropriate gifts are commissioned to preach. The preaching of the gospel calls on man to repent, to be reconciled to God on the basis of Christ's death, shed blood and resurrection. It offers cleansing, sanctification and justification through faith in Christ, new birth, not improvement, and by God's grace offers perishing sinners a new life in Christ. Nowhere in scripture is the church called to preach as far as I am aware. The present cry of the true church is powerfully expressed in the second last verse of the Bible. It is a strange notion that the church should be planning twenty years ahead. The true key to a healthy church is personal attachment to Christ, personal holiness and personal concern to obey the Word of God on the part of all from the least to the greatest. What pertains to the church universally in these principles, which are all set out in scripture should be mirrored in every local church. The world and its ruler are under the judgement of God. To dispute this is to disregard the teaching of Christ. We warn sinners of the wrath to come. There is no hope for this world. There is hope only in Christ, and that when the sinner is justified by the blood of Christ (Rom.5:9). The church is not here to provide a panacea for an unrepentant world. True servants of God, members of His church, lift up Christ to draw sinners away from the world and its poison, to Him. Good works are essential of course, and must flow from the appreciation of the grace that has met the child of God in his or her need, but the biblical service of the church is firstly towards God. Preaching is an individual service. That is what I believe.

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