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1. Do I Belong to Him?

The key to success in life/ministry isn’t preaching a good message and/or making a great series of leadership decisions. We will only be successful long term if we belong to Him.

If we belong to Him, we will say what He tells us to say and do what He tells us to do; if we belong to “them,” we will always back down.

2. Do I Believe This?

In other words—"Are you smokin’ what you're sellin’?"

We can’t preach on purity if we aren’t fighting to be pure.

We can’t preach on money if we are robbing God.

We can’t preach on integrity if we are not letting our "yes" be "yes" and our "no" be "no."

When we preach something, we’ve got to believe it, or else we will preach from convenience and not conviction.

3. Am I Leading or Responding?

We should seek to lead our people through the preaching of His Word—period!

I used to feel like I had to respond to all of the questions/complaints I received the week before in the upcoming message … and doing so caused me to lose focus on where our church needed to go and what was best for the majority of the people in attendance.

4. Do I Believe the Promise in Isaiah 55:8-13?

Nothing is more discouraging to a preacher than when we preach our guts out and there seems to be zero response. However, God’s Word promises that if we are faithful to declare it, it will NOT return without producing a harvest.

Sometimes we do get to see immediate results, but most of the time God will take His Word and work it into the hearts and minds of the hearers over time. Trust God and His Word—a harvest IS coming!

Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. The church averages 26,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. Perry is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus, and each week he shares God’s word and its practical application in our daily lives. Perry, his wife Lucretia and their daughter Charisse live in Anderson, South Carolina. You can read all of Perry’s unfiltered thoughts about life and leadership at Don’t worry, he holds nothing back.

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Minister Sanders

commented on Oct 10, 2013

These are all good points! God Bless Everyone on this panel and I exhort you to keep standing on the wall for Christ!!!!

Roy Hagemyer

commented on Oct 10, 2013

Perry, I think you nailed with this article. We have to keep to the word, be faithful and He will provide. We get into trouble when we decide we can fix it our way, and not wait for Him to do what He has planned. Thanks

Peter Dohnt

commented on Oct 10, 2013

Ace buddy :) - one thing though - point 3 - I agree with but I would have added this about responding - and I know you know - we should be responding to the Word of God, not just not responding to the words of men. Thanks for the reminders - clear and concise - Peter

Charles Ingwe

commented on Oct 11, 2013

Surely these are good points. I only wish to say that on point 3, though we can never satisfy everyone in the church; it is as well not blessed to be much concerned with the majority only. Since the word of God does encourage us that when we encounter a situation of a lost soul, a good shepherd leaves the ninety nine. I would love to borrow from that context a position where we need see what could be beneficial questions to a soul from the many asked. I say this because the enemy may use the majority focus to violet the fact that even if I was the only sinner on earth, Christ could have still come. Great points once again and stay blessed.

Steven Farless

commented on Oct 12, 2013

Perry, I appreciate the points, and respecting us enough to make them brief and to the point. we have so much to read and we have to work through so much fluff, irrelevant, or better yet, unnecessary background and detail; it's always refreshing to get what you need and move on :-) I really needed to see point 3. thanks again.

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