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5 ways to grow your Church

Dwindling church attendance is a concern faced by almost every established or newly-created church and should be strategically addressed.
Here are five simple approaches that will make your church more inviting for your existing members and help attract new ones.

Go Beyond Sunday Service & Holiday

Focus on creating a community culture instead of just bringing traffic for Sunday or Holiday services. Your church’s growth depends on building wider connections and connecting the local community with the church to foster a culture of unity and harmony.

To establish a thriving community around your church, think outside of regular Sunday service; plan small events on a regular or on a one-off basis. These could be around anything that holds your community members interests, such as flea markets, jumble sales, afternoon coffee or reading groups. These events will establish your church as a social hub for a larger community and attract a broader and more diverse audience.

Be more Welcoming:

Though this may sound simple, it holds significant importance when it comes to enhancing the membership-base of your church. As per stats, 79% of churchgoers switch churches because of the unwelcoming attitude they face.

Hesitations of new members regarding their seating, fellows, and service are often overlooked by the committed church attendees. Small efforts, like showing a little more warmth, greeting them by name and saying goodbye with a sweet note will not only leave a lasting impact on the visitor but will also strengthen your connection with any new members.

Social Media:

Thriving without a social media presence is nearly impossible in this day and age, for brands and personalities, and it holds true for churches and faith-based organizations as well. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it incredibly easy to connect with existing church members and regularly update them about upcoming activities, events, and news.

Explore the live streaming options of these social media platforms and connect to a larger audience. Not only will this engage potential new members but will also strengthen the connection the regular churchgoer has to their community if they are away due to personal or professional reasons. Content Logistic Systems like MAZ are known for making it easy to take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TV apps like Roku, Apple TV and a lot more.

Your Church App:

Yes, you read that right. What’s better than a personalized Church App where your members can receive push notification alerts about upcoming events (and you can bring the message to your followers’ pockets), sign up for the monthly activities and events, as well as have access to archived sermons and teachings. Solutions like MAZ can implement a seamless user experience for your mobile and OTT (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon) app according to the needs of your ministry.

Engage young people:

Research shows, Millennials are more agnostic than older and pre-millennial age groups. Therefore, it’s essential to focus on young people in order to increase membership and build an engaged church community for the future.

By investing time and energy in young people and devising programs and events pertaining to youth, you will be able to increase the likelihood that more and more teens and children will take interest in church activities and worship. And as they say, youth is the future of a nation, so by investing in them, you will invest in the future of your church community and ministry.

Large churches aren’t the sign of healthy churches; what’s important isn’t just quantity, but quality. So, try to connect with your church members, build a community culture, engage with your members, and leverage technology to be more accessible and give a healthy boost to your church’s membership.

Ricardo Hernandez is an Editor with MAZ Systems, the #1 digital engagement platform for churches & religious networks. He is a faithful servant of the Lord and tech enthusiast who is an avid believer in the ways that tech can make the church stronger.
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