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Preaching on Marriage: 15 Key Sermon and Worship Resources

More than ever, your congregations need godly guidance from Scripture on marriage. Here are 15 key sermon and worship resources about marriage you need today, including sermons from Andy Stanley, J.D., Greear, and John Piper. 


1. Me and The Mrs., by Andy Stanley

If we do almost nothing for our children but give them a great marriage, then that counts for more than anything else. But to do that, you have to have guardrails. 

2. This Light and Momentary Marriage, by J.D. Greear

Christ is the source of all love and joy—the love you were created for is not the love of another human being; it’s in his love. And the church is the ultimate, eternal family. According to Scripture, relationships in Christ are more permanent, and more precious, than relationships in families. Will you let me blow your mind for a minute? It’s going to sound like I’m dogging on marriage, but hang with me.

3. Marriage: Forgiving and Forbearing, by John Piper

The purpose of human marriage is temporary. But it points to something eternal, namely, Christ and the church. And when this age is over, it will vanish into the superior reality to which it points. 

4. How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage, by Brady Boyd

While most of Americans have given up on the idea of marriage, God still restores and heals marriages in trouble. Discover the principles of a healthy vibrant marriage. 

5. Marriage: Duel or Duet? by Adrian Rogers

Marriage is more than moonlight and roses. In our day, it is by many lightly regarded, and by many as lightly discarded. But marriages are kept alive by God's grace.

6. The Priority And Protocol Of Love In Marriage

The love expressed by a husband and wife for one another is a reflection of a love for God and a love for one’s self. 

7. Roommates, Bad Dates And Great Mates: Marriage

We are going to dig in and honestly look at what the Bible says about sex. And there is not a prudish note in the Bible. The Bible is never prudish about this issue, so as we began last week, we looked at three big truths regarding sex. 

8. A Oneness Marriage

The pastor was visiting the fourth-grade Sunday School class to talk about marriage as part of the lesson. He asked the class, "What does God say about marriage?" Immediately one boy replied, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

9. The Perfect Marriage?

Even in the garden of Eden, the perfect marriage did not exist. It’s been said, “Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn’t have to hear about all the men she could have married, and she didn’t have to hear about the way his mother cooked.” 

10. The Top Ten Marriage Killers

We know that God’s standard for marriage is one man and one woman for life. We talked about the fact that marriage is not just about finding the right mate, it is about being the right mate.

11. Dating, Relationships, Marriage And Sex

The Biblical keys necessary to successfully navigate the dating scene, glorifying God and finding the mate God created you to live your life with. 


12. PowerPoint Package: Marriage Rings 

Use this media to help support your teaching on the wonderful and complex subject of marriage. A font file is included for simplified customization.

13. PowerPoint Package: Plan for Marriage 

Address the biblical and social definitions of marriage and relationships using these backgrounds. A hot topic for today's congregations.

14. PowerPoint Package: True Love 

Use this excellent PowerPoint to enhance your upcoming church service on God's design for love. A font file is included for simplified customization. 

15. Video: Always Will

True love keeps no records of wrongs. This powerful story of love and forgiveness is based on the book of Hosea. It portrays the questions we face when love gets hard, and our responsibility to love like Christ. Use this mini-movie for dealing with human relationships (marriage, Valentines Day), or with God’s love for his people. 


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