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As a pastor, I’m well aware of how many people have the assumption that “all pastors want to talk about is money.” The funny thing is, after 20 years in ministry and communicating regularly with thousands of pastors, I can firmly assert that talking about money is one of our least favorite things to do, especially in our culture where personal finances are very … personal.

But the Apostle Paul wrote to a younger pastor in Ephesus named Timothy once and told him to “teach and urge these things … there is great gain in godliness with contentment … but those who desire to be rich fall into temptation … for the love of money is the root of all evil … As for the rich in this present age, charge them not to be haughty, nor to set their hopes on the uncertainty of riches.” (1 Timothy 5:2-17 ESV)

In other words, good doctrine (which literally means “teaching”) demands that we address the issue of money. Here are several reasons why the church NEEDS to talk about finances …

1. Money is a gift from God to be managed for a season, not an earned commodity to be consumed for pleasure alone.

2. How we use money is a matter of worship—it demonstrates our values and what is important to us.

3. It’s pretty obvious people NEED help in this area—we’re strapped and stressed because of terrible management.

4. Generosity is a key value of the Christian life, for the church and for the individual Christian.

5. Money needs to serve the needs of man and the causes of justice, rather than man serving under the tyranny of money.

6. Money makes missions happen, which is God’s chief business and area of concern—the spread of the gospel deserves to be resourced.

If you don’t want the church to teach about money because it’s “none of their business,” you should change the way you see it. Nobody in the church (at least not my church) wants to see your budget or bank statements. We simply want to help people get healthy financially and become generous with our resources so that everyone experiences God’s blessings. In other words, my church doesn’t want something from you, we want something for you.

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Talk about it...

Richard Scotland

commented on Jul 11, 2014

As ever, getting the balance is the hard part! There is a place in sermons for finance but also in general church life we need for financial advisors to give us wisdom and advice too. Very good last paragraph, summing it all up perfectly.

Evaliz Algarin

commented on Jul 11, 2014

I agree.How we use our money is a matter of worship.The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it. That includes our jobs and our bank accounts.He grants us the power to make money...lets us not forget Him who has blessed us so...

Dennis Cocks

commented on Jul 11, 2014

So very true! I don't preach enough about money. People don't seem to understand that a church CANNOT function without people giving. People do not understand that the money they have is really God's. He is the one who gives wealth and the ability to have wealth. Jesus talked more about money than any other subject He spoke about. Why? "Because where your treasure is, so shall your heart be also."

Tony Bland

commented on Jul 11, 2014

Very good article . I think the truth is that the people make us not want to talk about money. But God really does bless the givers

Karl Henderson

commented on Jul 11, 2014

Because of church abuse in the past where they spent almost as much time on 'coercing' people to give as they did on the sermon itself, and very resistant to discussing what the Bible ACTUALLY says on giving, I have a very quick defensive reaction to this subject. This article by Brandon is very fair and accurate.

David Evans

commented on Jul 11, 2014

When people TRULY understand that they are not giving to the pastor or even the church or a cause but to God, that revelation seems to open the well of generosity if it is accompanied by the dual reminder that everything we have belongs to Him and giving back is like sowing seed. As Jesus said - Give and it will be given to you. There is nothing wrong in working with the promise of Malachi because God does want us to prosper. Giving should always be a spiritual activity.

Anonymous Contributor

commented on Jul 12, 2014

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Waweru Austine

commented on Jul 17, 2014

Thanks a lot for this wonderful lesson.

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