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Charles Downing

commented on Aug 5, 2013

I like the video; however, you left out the most important function and mission of the church.

Dee Dee Lawson

commented on Aug 5, 2013

I agree with Mr. Downing... and it seems that Jesus was an afterthought.

Brad Brucker

commented on Aug 5, 2013

It is a good video. Excellent stats. Very passionate. But I do agree with Charles. It leaves out the primary mission of the church- The Gospel. I see the church settled for the good commission rather than the Great Commission. I know... It's a promo to get people to come to church, so you can only do so much... And I think it will do it's job. I only hope when new people do come to churches all across they here a very clear message of our desperate need of grace, instead of simply getting involved with an organization that's just all about good works.

Chaplain Shawn Kennedy

commented on Aug 5, 2013

This DOES reflect Matthew 25 rather well though, commands from Jesus that are sadly lacking in most if not all churches. I love to go into "successful" churches and ask them how their prison ministry is doing!

Rodney Shanner

commented on Aug 5, 2013

Great video. This is sharing the Gospel without using "words". It understands the thinking of our time. RE; the Chaplain's comments, I think there are a lot more Preachers visiting inmates than he realizes-1 on 1 prison ministry. It annoys me when some Christians can only be negative about everything. The video is positive.

Gene Gregory

commented on Aug 5, 2013

Great video. May help open the eyes of a lot of people, like some of my relatives, who believe that the church does nothing but condemn people.

Zachary Bartels

commented on Aug 6, 2013

Charles is right. I like the vid okay, but it is terminally incomplete. They say the Church is doing what no government could ever do, then list a bunch of very laudable things that churches are doing that GOVERNMENTS ARE ALSO DOING (feeding the hungry, disaster relief, etc.) And I know it's working for them, but ripping off the "...and I'm a Mormon" format isn't really becoming. We dipped our toe into this "Back to Church Sunday" campaign a few years back and found essentially the same issue with all the materials: in trying to please everyone, they've watered Church down so that it is essentially indistinguishable from your average charity or the Mormon church for that matter.

Chaplain Shawn Kennedy

commented on Aug 7, 2013

Really Rodney? I've spoken in over 200 churches of all different denominations and have yet to find a minister or a ministry that is involved with prison visitation. My comments weren't negative- just realistic. I found the vid very positive. Maybe you're walking in different circles.

Wilfred Chung

commented on Aug 30, 2013

Is this video created mainly for the European race?

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