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What happens when a filmmaker takes a metaphor from the Gospel and extends it into everyday life? You get a ten-minute wordless sermon.

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Dean Johnson

commented on Jan 26, 2013

This is what good Christian film-making should be like. It starts out slow and subtle but by 2/3's of the way it's pretty inspiring, and doesn't beat you over the head. Thanks.

Chuck Patrick

commented on Jan 26, 2013

Succinct, yet powerful

Ayegba Joseph

commented on Jan 28, 2013

The gospel cannot be more precise than this. To them who accept the word, peace, joy and eternity with God is their portion.

Deborah Girdner

commented on Jan 28, 2013

Beautiful! If your faithfulness is as a grain of mustard seed. A seed does what it's supposed to do. Be fruitful and multiply!

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