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preaching article A Crucial Question: The Why of Expository Preaching

A Crucial Question: The Why of Expository Preaching

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May 19, 2014

It's not just academic; it's essential for life-giving sermons.

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Brad Brucker avatar
Brad Brucker
0 days ago
It's a great discussion with some excellent nuggets and it was great to see my middler home homiletics professor Mike Bullmore here. However, it didn't really answer the Why of Expository preaching. Other than that great stuff!
Brian Wilson avatar
Brian Wilson
0 days ago
A very helpful discussion. Makes very clear the 'why' of expository preaching - explaining God's given and revealed Word. It also dwells on the privilege and responsibility of that: God uses my fallen yet unique personality to proclaim the Word in the context where He has set me.
Rev. Sekoboto Joseph Tau avatar
Rev. Sekoboto Joseph Tau
0 days ago
The voices of the original fire, I liked that, than3k you

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