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preaching article How to Help People Trust the Bible

How to Help People Trust the Bible

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Jan 6, 2014

William Lane Craig has a practical suggestion when it comes to talking about the reliability of the scriptures.

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Merrilee Slaton avatar
Merrilee Slaton
0 days ago
I agree, we as a people do not doubt many of the events in history that has far less evidence and written reports concerning the events like we do the life and death of Jesus. I have, over the years, came to the thought that if we were just accepting Him as a great leader like Alexander and not a part of God there would not be all the problems we conjure up. Young people today will accept a program on tv or something on facebook as absolute truth but they question everything that has to do with God and believe it is not accurate. As far as I am concerned can only be the work of satan clouding their minds and making them doubt what is plain and believe what is not,
Rodney Shanner avatar
Rodney Shanner
0 days ago
Huge point. Those who disagree have an agenda since they do not want to apply the same scholarly criteria to the Gospels as they do other historical records.
Scott Bayles avatar
Scott Bayles
0 days ago
I love William Lane Craig; he clearly and concisely communicates God's truth in a much the same way C.S. Lewis did years ago.
Jerry Chiasson avatar
Jerry Chiasson
0 days ago
all i can say is well done Dr William Craig... just wish he would've answered the question, oh i forgot he would've had to agree with you to do that....
Ephrem Hagos avatar
Ephrem Hagos
0 days ago
Only by personal vision of the independently self-revealing God can one gain sound understanding of all earlier Scriptures.

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