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preaching article Preach By Ear and Make the Music Flow

Preach By Ear and Make the Music Flow

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Apr 7, 2014

There's a world of difference whether the message is inside you or outside you.

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Christian Cheong avatar
Christian Cheong
0 days ago
Thanks! Very true.
Dale C avatar
Dale C
0 days ago
Love it!! This explains what I've experienced, from both sides of the pulpit.
Hellen Akinyi Ajwalah avatar
Hellen Akinyi Ajwalah
0 days ago
This is lovely. I sometimes preach in my church although I am neither a pastor nor a trained theologian. I am just a child of God sharing my testimony with others and spreading the word of God in that way. I find this piece very true, that unless the word has had an impact in your life, it is outside of the you and the music cannot flow- alot of discord in the tune of your preaching is observable to the congregation and to yourself as a preacher. I am blessed.
Nathan Williams avatar
Nathan Williams
0 days ago
This was a great start but no meat! Where is the lessons? I watched part of a video that left me hanging with no where to go? The same with the web site! As the old commercial used to say where's the beef?
Dale C avatar
Dale C
0 days ago
Nathan, ......It took me a while to find it too. Do a search for "Preach By Ear". Click the first link, go to Preview or Buy to see what is offered. There are 7 reasonably priced, downloadable videos. I bought the set anticipating some good material in them.

So, what did you think?

Thank you.