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preaching article Ravi Zacharias Spells Out Exactly Who Is NOT Fit to Lead

Ravi Zacharias Spells Out Exactly Who Is NOT Fit to Lead

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Jan 13, 2014

The list isn't long, but it's killer. Some people just shouldn't lead God's church.

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Clarence Lawson avatar
Clarence Lawson
0 days ago
Thank you Dr. Zacharias. We all need reminded of these awesome truths! I am sharing this with my network of minister friends.
Abraham  Murray avatar
Abraham Murray
0 days ago
Thank you! We should never lose sight that we can do all things but only through Christ Jesus who strengthens us...
Sylvester Warsaw, Jr. avatar
Sylvester Warsaw, Jr.
0 days ago
Thank you Dr. Zacharias, for the reminder that it's all about God and who He alone is and what He alone does in and through us. Paul reminds us in Acts 17: 28 "for in Him we live and move and our being."
Cleopas Makonese avatar
Cleopas Makonese
0 days ago
Thank you, Dr Zacharias. This is the living truth for some church leaders ' conduct leads to loss of souls. They look at themselves as owners of the congregants.
David Koonce avatar
David Koonce
0 days ago
Thank You, From time to time, We need to be reminded that GOD is the ONE that CALLED US. After we Called on him for help.
Neil Uebergang avatar
Neil Uebergang
0 days ago
How true it is and thankyou. But even here here we are also reminded of good mentor relationships. Paul had them. Check them out in the book of Galations 1. Even though it is all verbal instructions he recieved, I feel that we have to hear the Word been spoken and then adhere to it. Being called is having a good ear for what God is saying.
Michael Cooper avatar
Michael Cooper
0 days ago
Timely words of wisdom and compassion. It's all about Jesus.
0 days ago
Thank you Dr Ravi. You spoke the truth as usual. Thank you so very much. Our Pastors should understand this
Johan Van Der Westhuysen  avatar
Johan Van Der Westhuysen
0 days ago
Thank you for the reminders. We pray that God will graciously help us not to fall into these traps, but to remain humble and thankful servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Toney Allen avatar
Toney Allen
0 days ago
A timely reminder, Dr Ravi! Thank you very much!
Revd. Martin Dale avatar
Revd. Martin Dale
0 days ago
Dr Zaccharias, thank you for your message. I hope I am not being presumptious if I add every Christian leader has to have Integrity. And coupled with this I like Bill Hybels comments in "Courageous Leadership" Character, Competence and Chemistry. Your brother in Christ Martin
Steven Farless avatar
Steven Farless
0 days ago
I am crying a river or tears right now. thank you sooo much

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