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preaching article Shortest (Best?) Easter Sermon Ever

Shortest (Best?) Easter Sermon Ever

based on 14 ratings
Mar 23, 2011

This homemade video from "Uncle Raggy" reminds us our Easter preaching doesn't have to be fancy to be effective.


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David Buffaloe avatar
David Buffaloe
0 days ago
These weekly tidbits from sermon central are getting to be bigger and bigger time wasters. A 4 minute video to say what he said is ridiculous.
0 days ago
2. I couldn't agree more with David.
Pastor Patricia A. Davis avatar
Pastor Patricia A. Davis
0 days ago
Hearing God's word and spoken in such passion and truth is never a waste of time. The message is the full foundation of our Christian belief. I would feel very badly if when presenting this truth to any persons they should think my words would be a waste of time. God Bless and have a wonderful Palm Sunday.
John Modgling avatar
John Modgling
0 days ago
I confess, I too have had to come up with gimmicks in the past to make up for lack of sermon preparation. And yes, I agree with David.
Joe  Palmer avatar
Joe Palmer
0 days ago
That was stupid
Jeff Glenn avatar
Jeff Glenn
0 days ago
I normally don't share my personal thoughts on this comment thread, but I think I will do so at least this one time. It appears that some of the theological "experts" are at it again. As long as God's message is presented, what difference does it make who does it or how it's done. (And yes, I LOVED the video! And hope to see more!) Thank you.
David Nuhfer avatar
David Nuhfer
0 days ago
It may be the best Bible point ever, but it was a poor way to deliver a message on a Sunday when there could be seekers and skpetics in the audience.
Nancy Carmichael-Stoner avatar
Nancy Carmichael-Stoner
0 days ago
O My! I laughed hard. I agree with Patricia. Waste of time? Consider how much other time we waste every day with out a God moment,without a laugh at ourselves. God designed a world with incrediable crazy things among them we also reside. God bless our humor bone for it keeps us alive to preach again.
Abraham  Murray avatar
Abraham Murray
0 days ago
No matter how its said, saying "Jesus is Alive" is a message all by itself!!
Zachary Bartels avatar
Zachary Bartels
0 days ago
Can I please have my four minutes back? No? I was afraid of that...
David Hodgin avatar
David Hodgin
0 days ago
Point 1: Jesus is alive, Point 2: So what, Point 3: What are you going to do about it? I'll be preaching that again this Easter, for the 30th time. Loved the video it made me smile.
Pr. Charlie avatar
Pr. Charlie
0 days ago
It breaks my heart to see such harsh comments being made to those who are our brothers and sisters. Where is the fruit of the Spirit in your postings. Jesus is alive.. He lives in me. Is His love reflected in your comments?
Steve  Harman avatar
Steve Harman
0 days ago
I wonder if we've all missed the point? Where had the preacher been, and where was he headed in such a hurry? I really want to know. The most theologically accurate and powerful message we can preach on Easter Morning - without a doubt! But we have all heard a powerful word lose all impact b/c it was delivered with no passion. What if this preacher was late b/c he stopped everywhere he could think to on the way, to proclaim w/passion and enthusiasm, "JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE!"; and then rushed out to tell more? Isn't that the message we should be sharing with our people - to do the same?
Roger Scantlin avatar
Roger Scantlin
0 days ago
"Jesus Christ is Alive!", it is true, is a simple, but powerful message. The story told in the video, on the other hand, did not live up to the 4 minutes of "set up". Those commenting on here negatively to the video are not commenting negatively on the "Jesus Christ is Alive!" message, it is on the story itself. It took 4 minutes to tell this story. The whole time I was wondering, "I wonder where the pastor is? Maybe he was just at the bedside of a close relative who died and he is going to use that as a powerful illustration to talk about the frailty of life. Maybe the pastor died on his way to church, and when the congregation hears about it, one of the lay people in the church is going to stand up, say a few words and then some are so touched by the short message that they get saved." But after nearly 4 minutes of set up in this story, the pastor speeds into the parking lot (I'm thinking, "Oh, here it is...now we get to find out where he's been..."), runs into the church, screams out these 4 words and then runs out. And I thought, "What just happened? Is that it?" And then you find out, that that really was the end of the story. I think that is the reason for the negative comments.
Prescott Jay Erwin avatar
Prescott Jay Erwin
0 days ago
Hm. Not funny. Not engaging. Not entertaining. Not enlightening. Probably not true, but if it actually DID happen, it's likely that it was NOT effective -- except as an old "preacher story."

So, what did you think?

Thank you.