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preaching article What's the Relationship Between the Gift of Preaching and Actually Preaching?

What's the Relationship Between the Gift of Preaching and Actually Preaching?

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Nov 4, 2013

Judah Smith says it all starts with the call to preaching. Do you agree?


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Keith  B avatar
Keith B
0 days ago
I have no idea why anyone thinks this guy is a good preacher.
Donn Anderson avatar
Donn Anderson
0 days ago
I, for one, was clearly called to pastor, but needed to accept the obligation as well as the opportunity to preach. God was faithful to honor my obedience in this area. Now, as a retired pastor, I continue to love pastoring and I'll be completely content if I never am asked to fill a pulpit again.
Steve Malson avatar
Steve Malson
0 days ago
I watched a video of one of his sermons . . . he's pretty good in the old fashioned story-telling style of a John Maxwell where the story gets a life of its own and facts appear to get muddled before he comes back to his point. He's an engaging story-teller with some teaching included . . . so I guess I understand how he was selected for this venue. He never wavered from good theology even though his illustrations were 'fish stories' from what I could tell. Now my thought on the call . . . Called to preach is a baseline . . . cultivating that call is where many fall short.
Mh Constantine avatar
Mh Constantine
0 days ago
I echo the comment Donn made. The call and the development of the call are separate, but vital parts of God's work in every preacher's ministry. As Paul said, I make full proof of my ministry. Good news for me is that there are any number of ways to become an effective preacher. "Good," all depends on viewpoint and preference.

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