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Prepare this week's sermon with a SermonCentral staff prepared Preaching Bundle. Each Preaching Bundle contains ten pastor-contributed sermons and six text illustrations matched to a video illustration, three worship music videos, a countdown service-starter video, preaching PowerPoint templates, motion backgrounds and still backgrounds. Everything you need to capture great message ideas for crafting your own sermon message and present it with church media that matches the style of your service.

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media Ash Wednesday- Humility
Ash Wednesday- Humility
Shared On: Feb 20, 2017
Description: With Ash Wednesday, we are reminded of the humility of God expressed to us in and through Jesus Christ. As Karl Barth wrote in vol. IV of his Church Dogmatics, "What marks out God above all false gods is that they are not capable and ready for this [humility]. I their otherworldliness and supernaturalness and otherness, etc., the gods are a reflection of the human pride which will not unbend, which will not stoop to that which is beneath it. God is not proud. In His high majesty, He is humble." As His people, we are likewise to be and to live lives characterized by this kind of humility.
media Old Testament Narrative- Ruth
Old Testament Narrative- Ruth
Shared On: Feb 20, 2017
Description: As we move toward Good Friday we enter a time of repentance, soul searching, and identification with Christ's humility. Beyond fasting and prayer, what does this identification look like in the day to day? What examples does Scripture give us of someone seeking to identify with God in humility? Christ's distant great-grandmother, Ruth, was a woman of deep faithfulness, courage, and humility. Her life invites us in and offers us visual lessons of what it looks like for a life to humbly identify with God.
media Grief-Coming Alongside
Grief-Coming Alongside
Shared On: Feb 13, 2017
Description: Grief is difficult. Each person grieves in his or her own way and own timing. Yet, grief is necessary for all of us. When grieving allows the real and honest expression of pain, sadness, and loss before God and before trusted others, it is good for our souls and relationships. While those who enter such grief sow with tears, Jesus promises they will one day reap with songs of joy (Psalm 126:5). Still, for those seeds to germinate, it means allowing ourselves space and time for waiting in barrenness and sitting in the rain. To his grieving disciples, Jesus promised He would not leave them (or us) as orphans, but would come alongside us by sending the Comforter. In the modeling of the Holy Spirit’s coming alongside we can know the tender strength of Jesus’ healing presence. We also have example for how we, empowered by His Spirit, are to likewise come alongside those who are grieving with the safe care our presence.
media Valentine's Day- Love One Another
Valentine's Day- Love One Another
Shared On: Feb 06, 2017
Description: What great love our heavenly Father lavishes upon us that we should be called His children, and that is what we truly are. We are God's children created anew in his great love shown to us through Jesus Christ. This love is not earned or deserved, but freely given. As we live in and from this gift of God's love for us, we grow in capacity to likewise love our selves, spouses, kids, friends, coworkers, and even enemies. We grow to, like Jesus, love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.
media Super Bowl-Celebrating What Endures
Super Bowl-Celebrating What Endures
Shared On: Jan 30, 2017
Description: Along with the people we live and work with each day, we need a hope that lasts. We all need examples of life-giving character that can point us to where true life resides. We live, however, in an entitled, instant-gratification, culture that rewards, and even celebrates, as the Apostle Paul describes, the sin nature and its baseness (Gal. 5:16-21). Within this environment, the Spirit desires to shape, train, and develop Christ followers into a people of true character and as true champions of His grace and truth. How do we endure as life-giving people of Christ’s hope in a world that’s unfair and seems in many ways to be set against us?
media Generosity: A People Given
Generosity: A People Given
Shared On: Jan 23, 2017
Description: As New Year's resolutions fade, what inspires, motivates, and gives our lives purpose amidst the mundane? Entitlement demands disappoint. Where does the hope of knowing the goodness of God reside? We are invited into the great and generous love of our Father. He has graciously given His son, that we might be called His children. This generosity is not, however, just for us, but for all people. We are blessed to be a blessing. By the gift of His grace, we are invited to become a generously given people.

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Prepare this week's sermon with a SermonCentral staff prepared Preaching Bundle. Each bundle includes everything you need for crafting your own sermon message.

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media Salt and Light
Salt and Light
Shared On: Jan 01, 2013
Description: It is every Christian's responsibility to be salt and light in this world, to shine forth the glory of God through our actions. Share with your church the great need for Christ's light to shine through them.
media Being Authentic
Being Authentic
Shared On: Jan 01, 2013
Description: Authentic Christlikeness and the ability to share daily trials and struggles in a church community is vital to its health and growth. Help create an environment of safety and trust in your church so it can become a place of truth, authenticity, and support for the real challenges of life.
media Bitterness
Shared On: Jan 01, 2013
Description: Bitterness can tear apart relationships and prevent a believer from feeling the full grace and love of God. Break the stronghold of bitterness in the lives of your congregation members and help them overcome anger and resentment with a sermon on forgiveness.
media New Year's Reflection
New Year's Reflection
Shared On: Jan 01, 2013
Description: Help your congregation reflect on what matters this New Year's Day, where they have been and where they are going in their walk with God.
media Christian Friendship
Christian Friendship
Shared On: Jan 01, 2013
Description: The Church is supposed to be one body. Help your congregants build vital Godly friendship as outlined in the Bible.
media Body of Christ
Body of Christ
Shared On: Jan 01, 2013
Description: God designed the church to reflect community, love, friendship, fellowship, service and relationship. Teach your congregation the importance and practical ways of maintaining a healthy, connected Body of Christ that impacts the world in His name.