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  • Lent & Ash Wednesday

    Shared on: Feb 5, 2018

    The season of Lent is a time of spiritual preparation. It is a time where we are reacquainted with the frailty of our flesh and our great need for the salvation God offers to us in Jesus Christ. In preparation for Good Friday and Easter, Lent is a time for God's people to fast from the busyness of the world, and feast on the Word of God and prayer. We do this so that when the time of celebrating the victory of our Lord comes, we don't let it pass us by as just another day but rather experience the fullness of God's glory and mercy which he has extended to us through the gospel. May these resources empower you to lead your community through this season with solemnity, sincere repentance, and an earnest desire to grow in the knowledge of our Lord.

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