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5 Storms in my life changed me intensely.

Sometimes a storm will follow a great spiritual event just like these disciples had witnessed. … Many years ago, I was having great difficulties, and that is when I turned to Christ, and then I knew that everything in the bible was true, that Jesus was alive and that he was my Lord, and with this great revelation, I stupidly assumed that life for me would become much easier, because I knew that God was on my side. … I couldn’t have been further from the truth, and it wasn’t for many years to come that I realised that had my life become easier as had I wished … that my old self, the me who I was, that horrible person that who had failed, would have become worse … and my faith … the little I had of it … would have diminished rather than grown.

Now if you think I am bad now, you wanted to have seen what I was like before … I am so ashamed that I can never to go back to what I was, because I have become a different person. … All those old beliefs I had when I was young that were so wrong have long been discredited, because I have grown in faith … faith developed through those storms of life, and years of hardship, pain and confusion. … And so we read this morning about these disciples too, hardened fishermen, men used to the sea and all its temperaments, with God on their side … yet crying out to the Lord for the fear of their lives.



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