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Sometimes in life we are so quick to judge others when they have short comings. It may be true that we may know folk that have short comings in life. They may make wrong choices in life and end up trouble. It is our responsibility to always pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Everybody is not on the same level but we serve the same God. In this passage of scripture we find that the prodigal son had left home because he wanted to live life the way he wanted. He had spent all his money and had come to the end of his rope. When he came to himself he decided to go back home. His father was happy to see his son return but the brother had a problem accepting the way that he was being treated. He felt because he had remained at home after his brother left that he should have been the one to be praised. We have to be careful how respond to those who may be in a back sliding state and decide to return to God. We are to rejoice and not have any negative feelings when a person who was in a back sliding state decides to come back to God. Even though we were the one to remain when everybody else leaves and then returns back to God what is our attitude?

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