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I live in Arkansas. I LOVE when autumn comes and fall leaves drift down on autumn breezes. But in Arkansas, you have to be careful about those leaves on the ground because some of them conceal SERPENTS.

There are lots of Copperhead Snakes here. Copperheads are venomous Pit Vipers that strike you as soon as they sense heat when any part of your body comes near them. And they blend PERFECTLY in with the beautiful fall leaves. And when they sense a predator is near, they will sometimes freeze in place, making them blend in even better, and making it tougher to discern the danger.

And they don’t even have the good manners to rattle at you like rattlesnakes in Texas do.

So be careful of those serpents that hide behind beauty, waiting for a chance to strike at you and bring destruction. It only takes one step in the wrong direction.

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