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When I was growing up I was one of six children. Our house was very small, only four rooms. And without any of the convieniences most houses had in those days. We did not have a bathroom,running water, or a furnace.

There were two boys, about my age, that lived close by. In my mind they were rich! The home they lived in had all the modern conveniences,and the boys had many, many toys!

All I had at that time was found in the woods very near to where I lived. I went there often to play, usually alone, as the ‘rich kids’ didn’t seem at all interested in hanging out with me.

In those woods were tall trees with vines. I would grab hold of the one that looked strongest and cling tightly, trusting it to carry me. The vine would lift me up and take me across dangerous ditches and deep valleys, and fill me with wonderful joy!

In John 5:15 Jesus said these awesome words; “I AM the Vine.”

I have been holding onto him tightly for over 50 years and have discovered that if our life with Christ is right, everything will be alright.

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