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Once there was a blind girl named Ramona. She hated herself because she could not see. She had no eyes. The only person in the whole world that she loved was her boyfriend Daniel and he loved her. He was always there for her. He told her that he wanted to marry her. He didn’t care that she was blind. She told him that when she could see, then she would marry him.

At Christmas time that year, someone gave Ramona a pair of eyes. She was thrilled. Now she could see everything. Daniel reminded her, “Now that you can see, will you marry me?”

She looked up at him and was shocked. For the first time, she realized that Daniel was blind. He had no eyes. She shrieked, “I can’t marry you. You are blind. You don’t have any eyes. I don’t want to be married to someone that is blind.”

Daniel walked away heartbroken. His dreams were shattered. He thought she loved him. She was all he ever wanted. Later that night, he wrote her a short note. It simply said, “Please take good care of my eyes. I gave them for you. I love you.”

Paul said that he who knew no sin, became sin for us so that we could become righteous like him. Jesus was born so that we could become righteous. He won’t reject you. Thank you Jesus.

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