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Once a man died & went to the gates of heaven. AS he was about to enter in to heaven, Peter stands by the gates and refuses to let him in. Peter says.. tell me why I should let you into heaven. You list out your reasons. I will score you. And If you score 100 points, then I will let you in.

So the man begins to think and tell his points.

1. I regularly came to church every Sunday – 2 points.

So many years, coming regularly to church fetched him only two points. He was thoroughly disappointed.

2. I gave my offerings and tithes – 3 points

3. I participated in ministry – 2 points

He thought hard and then said another point.

4. I shared about Jesus to two of my friends – 5 points

Oops.. still I am just in 12 points.

He gets vexed and says, if it goes at this rate, I can only enter by the grace of God. Immediately, the gates of heaven were opened.

It is by grace alone that we have access to God. We do nothing and did nothing to earn the entry to heaven.

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