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Gas Station Business Card

A few years ago, I was impressed of God to design a business card that had a picture of hell on the front with the words “GET OUT OF HELL FREE” on the back I placed Salvation Scriptures. I was driving to work early one morning and nearing my exit, when the Lord spoke to me, instructing me to go to the next exit and turn left instead of right which would have taken me to my job. I was obedient to him, turned left he told me to stop at a convenience store and go in. When I went in there was a young man, who was very intoxicated. The Lord told me to give him the card. I obeyed, as soon as he looked at the card, it had a sobering effect on him. Tears filled his eyes and he said, “I used to go to church and served the LORD, But I quit going”. I told him he was in no shape to drive and offered to take him home. When we arrived at his driveway, we had prayer, He ask the Lord for forgiveness. Soon he was back in church. Just remember if GOD ask you to do something out of the ordinary, THAT GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING

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