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Can you see him running, he is running with all his might? Look at the beads of sweat popping out on his forehead. Each step that he takes is labored; he is exhausted from the struggle. Can you see the fear in his eyes as he looks back over his shoulder? Something’s got a hold on him and won’t let go. It’s like some invisible force that has attached to him and won’t let him go. No matter how hard he fights it, it’s still there. The relentless enemy keeps drawing the prey closer and closer. As the victim is reeled in, like a fish that has taken the lure, the emotions of shame and disgrace overshadow his soul. The thoughts,” Oh my God, Oh My God why did I fall in this trap” pierce his fear shattered mind.

All the Angels of Heaven begins to weep as another one is overcome by that deadly beast; TEMPTATION.

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